Monday, June 17, 2013

Many Heartfelt Thanks

The world of children’s books never ceases to amaze me. I am in awe of the talented authors and the beautiful books they produce. I deeply admire the teachers and librarians who work so hard to get those books into the hands of hungry readers. But perhaps most of all, I am daily humbled and astounded by the constant outpouring of generosity and kindness from these same individuals.

My debut middle grade novel EVERY DAY AFTER officially released into the world of readers last Tuesday. As I’m sure most authors are, I was filled with a mixture of anticipation, elation, and flat-out fear. There is no way for me to predict how my book will be received. I cannot begin to guess. For a self-admitted control freak, that is an unnerving thing to face. The only thing to do is let go, and that is hardest of all.

Though I can’t read tea leaves or look into a crystal ball, I can say one thing with absolute certainty: I love what I do. And I love the people I’ve had the honor of meeting since I started doing what I do. If everyone were as warm and open as those that make up the realm of kidlit, this world would be a far better place. 

I am extending a sincere, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to each and every person who made my Release Day, my entire Release Week, so insanely awesome. You made me smile, laugh, and cry (in a good way), and I am eternally grateful to you all.

Editor extraordinaire Michelle Poploff

Promo-partner and pub-sib Kit Grindstaff

Fellow writers of historical fiction at Corsets, Cutlasses,  & Candlesticks

My beloved Lucky 13s

All fellow Nerdies (aka The Nerdy Book Club)

Superstars-in-waiting Rebecca Behrens and...
2014 debut authors

Writers of beautiful reviews Mr. Colby Sharp...
Margie Myers-Culver...
...and Cynthia Alaniz.

Reigning Queen of HF and all-around lovely person Kirby Larson

Fellow Alabamian and friend Anita Saxena

Loyal supporter and fabulous person Barbara Ann Watson 

Long-time Twitter pal and friend Amie Borst and...

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  1. Thank you for the thank you, Laura! It was - still is - a privilege to be your Lucky 13 promo partner, as well as your fellow Delacortie and ed-sister. I wish you all the success in the world, and I reckon that Girl Scouts Studio selection is a great start for EVERY DAY AFTER.

    I'm glad to be counted amongst this wonderful crop of thankees!